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This months picture page

Sending in a digital image of your painting
Send your digital pictures to me via e-mail to......   or
If you find that you cannot send your pictures using either of the above links then it will probably be due to the compatibility of the
operating systems that our computers are using. In this case you will still be able to send your pictures to either of the above e-mail
addresses but not by using the above links. (i.e. Just open up a new e-mail to send and type one of the above addresses in by hand)

 In the e-mail please state your name and if you want to, tell me (and the club ) how it went including any problems
 that you experienced. This is the only information that is put next to your picture on the site.
I will try and get all the pictures and your new painting challenge onto the site by the end of the first week of each month.
If you do not know how to send your picture within an e-mail then let me know and I will guide you through what to do.

Your October 2017 challenge .

A Christmas card design

Your challenge this month is to paint a picture that could be used for a Christmas card.
This could be anything such as a snow scene or a still life arrangement.
As usual you can use the drawing above or design your own.

I have been playing with my personal design that would be relevant to my
current position as shown below !

(Thought I had captured my likeness quite well on this one!)

 I hope that you all enjoy this months challenge.
 Happy painting.

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