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Roger's Art Club

Hello to all you artists,

This free, on-line art club is for anyone to join who has
been on one of my watercolour painting courses.
I hope that you are all enjoying your painting  and felt that
you took away some new techniques that you can use
from the course.

Many people I see say that they don't know of a local art club close to where
 they live or if they do, the times they run do not fit in with their day to day work
or other commitments.

So In July 2010 I started an on line club that you could all be part of and
hopefully will inspire and encourage you all to paint more often and get your
 enjoyment factor up to another level.

Although I have called it  'Roger's art club', really it is
 your art club and not mine.
The more people that submit paintings each month, the
 more beneficial it will be for all.

At the start of each month I  present you with a sketch for you to work from.

Try and work from the sketch and add things if you wish or use the basic theme
of the month to create your own picture composition.

This is not just for those of you who turn out great works of art,  it is for everyone.
 I want to see those of you who came on my course as complete beginners having a go and sending in your pictures. 
 You should all learn from looking at other peoples art,  seeing colour combinations that others have used that you
 like but may not have considered in the past, or perhaps noticing how others use light and shade etc.

If I waited until I painted the perfect picture before showing anyone then to this day I can honestly say that probably
 none of you would have seen any of mine yet.  I am never truly satisfied with any of my work, but that is what strives
 me on to keep trying to do better, so please don't wait until you have done the perfect picture before sending it in.
In fact it would be beneficial to all the members including yourself if you showed the paintings that went wrong with
 a little note by them from you of what you had trouble with. I could then also help you with any problems as required.

As of  the end of November 2017 this club has moved from this website to a "closed group" on Facebook
where members can interact with each other easier, without going through me each time.
In this new  location on Facebook, members can also post any artwork in any medium that that they have created.
Have you been on one of my courses and want to join our small friendly art group...........
Then send me a friends request on Facebook , adding a note that you would like to join the artclub
or if you are not a member of Facebook and not sure what to do then just e-mail me and ask for
a little helpin getting it up and running.
........... It's as easy as that..............

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