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Roger, a self taught professional artist,  has over 40 years experience
 of drawing and painting in oil, acrylic and watercolour. 
  He has lived in the Midlands the whole of his life, and
 has practiced his art in many  countries .

His paintings are regularly exhibited, mainly in the Midlands, U.K.
and most of his sales are now via commissions.

He is holding  two day small group watercolour painting courses
at locations in Herefordshire and North Wales.

As a practicing artist, Roger regularly changes  the subject matter
of his paintings. Subjects that he likes to cover are landscapes,
townscapes, snowscapes, seascapes, flowers, still life, wildlife,
 and portraits.  This keeps his enthusiasm for painting fresh and
maintains an all round ability.  He likes to paint from life but finds
it just as enjoyable painting from photographs
and making something up.

Previously, Roger was a garden designer, combining his artistic talents to his
knowledge of plants, but now devotes his time to teaching art and painting.   

You can see some of his watercolour paintings by going to the gallery page on this site
and also a larger range of paintings, some for sale including prices can be seen by
clicking on the link below to his personal website's gallery pages.
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Roger believes that we all have the ability to draw and paint to a good standard with
 training and the inclination  to learn.  Some people are naturally gifted and start at a
higher level than others. It's a shame that  many less naturally gifted go through life
 saying and believing that they could never draw or paint anything, and so never try.

Drawing and painting should be fun to learn and a relaxing and enjoyable thing to do.

A note to beginners..........

You can produce good paintings quite early on, even if you think that
you cannot draw very well, providing that you don't become too
ambitious with your chosen subject matter.

What other pastime can be done in almost any location, at any time,
in time periods to suit yourself, that doesn't involve strenuous exercise
 (unless your pictures are a lot bigger than his), and can be done alone
or with others, oh, and can be as affordable or expensive
as you want it to be.

Like anything we do in life, the more we do of it , the better and
more comfortable we become with it. With the help of good
 techniques, tips and guidance, Roger wishes to enhance
the pleasure for all budding artists. 

Click here to look at some of Roger's paintings in the gallery 

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